Citrix Summit Anaheim 2017

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Citrix Summit Anaheim 2017

Drive success for your customers with Citrix Summit 2017 insight and training. Citrix is leading through the transition as the industry shifts to cloud. Join us at Citrix Summit 2017, January 9–11 in Anaheim, California, for the roadmap from Citrix leaders and develop the skills to stay ahead of the competition.

Learn by doing

At Summit, get hands-on with the latest technology to see how Citrix solutions beat the competition and solve your customers’ biggest challenges. You’ll have one-on-one access to experts including systems engineers, Citrix Demo Warriors and our elite Citrix Technology Professionals (CTPs). Plus, whiteboard technical issues and get advice on implementations and troubleshooting at the Ask the Experts Bar.

A vision of what comes next

What does a cloud-ready future hold for you and your customers? Hear the vision and strategy from Citrix leaders, and learn about new business opportunities with Citrix, from standalone opportunities in networking to additional investments that will align even further with how you do business. Summit will also show you how to leverage our solutions and alliances to drive deeper customer conversations.

Better together

Building on the promise we laid out at Summit 2016, we’re continuing to refine partner programs and incentives to make working with Citrix simpler and more profitable. Summit will also help you understand how customer success will be the ultimate goal for our most productive partners in the future.

Don’t miss the opportunity to talk to the experts, dig deep into the technology and hear the roadmap from Citrix leaders. Your investment in Summit pays off all year: learn more at

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