Sophos Webinar Week belicht topics Intercept X, Botnets, Sophos Central en GDPR
21-02-2017 | door: Redactie

Sophos Webinar Week belicht topics Intercept X, Botnets, Sophos Central en GDPR

Sophos organiseert een Webinar Week van 6 tot en met 9 maart. Iedere dag zal er een webinar gegeven worden van 30 minuten over de topics Intercept X, Botnets, Sophos Central en GDPR.

Deelname is gratis. De volledige beschrijving en de ‘pitch’ die Sophos zelf naar buiten gebracht heeft is te vinden op

Agenda (Engels):

March 6th

Intercept X: Stop the Exploit. Stop the attack.

16.00u – 16.30u

Sophos Intercept X is an advanced next-generation endpoint detection and response platform offering anti-exploit, stopping malicious threats and exploits including zero-day and ransomware. Come see this exciting new technology in action and let us introduce you to behavior-based signatureless anti-hacking solutions that promise to bring the ransomware rise (amongst other things) to a screeching halt.

March 7th

Botnets: Is your network really protected?

16.30u – 17.00u

October’s Mirai botnet was the largest in history, taking down Twitter, CNN, Netflix and the Guardian to name a few. Chris will explain how you can stop hackers from hijacking your network. We’ll discuss what you need to know about today’s network threat landscape; how today’s sophisticated botnets work; and how to stop hackers from using your network in their next botnet.

March 8th

Sophos Central

16.00u – 16.30u

What are the current trends and threats and how Sophos Central, the unified console for managing your Sophos Products, can help you protect yourself against these threats.

March 9th

The EU Data Protection Regulation and what this means for you

16.00u – 16.30u

On May 25th 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be in place. In 30 minutes we will tell you what this new rule means and how easy it is to be compliant in time.

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