Login VSI - VDI Performance Summit


Login VSI - VDI Performance Summit

VDI environments are a combination of many interrelated hardware and software components. VDI also introduces a single point of failure. Keeping these environments available and performing well at all times is a main concern for IT-service managers and VDI administrators alike. Due to the complexity of VDI, and the constant flow of changes to cope with, this task requires a high level of expertise.

Login VSI is the industry standard for VDI performance testing for many years now and is used by all major IT-vendors in their R&D labs. Login VSI is also widely used by System Integrators and End-User customers to build, tune and secure VDI and SBC environments with the best possible performance.

The 1st Login VSI – VDI Performance Summit gives you the opportunity to learn from, and meet personally with, some of the best VDI performance technicians in the world, including experts from major IT-industry vendors. You also have the opportunity to learn from real-life use cases presented by consultants and customers.

This one-day live event will take place on Tuesday January 29th in the Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The event will be 100% focused on the performance and tuning of VDI, SBC and DaaS. In one day you will gather new insights, knowledge, skills and tools that will help you to improve the VDI end-user experience in your own organization.

All registrants will receive a copy of the “VDI Like a Pro” market research report on VDI Performance Tuning (2019). If you register before December 14, you will not only benefit from the early bird rate, but also receive a hard-copy of the booklet ‘A Practical Guide to VDI Change Management’. 

For more information, the latest news and agenda, please visit vdiperformancesummit.com.  

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