Panda Security Summit


Panda Security Summit

For the second year running, Panda Security is organizing the Panda Security Summit, the European Cybersecurity Hub, an event designed for IT professionals that, in this edition, will have a particular focus on the most advanced Threat Hunting techniques. According to the report 2018 Threat Hunting Survey, (SANS), 43% of companies continually carry out Threat Hunting operations within their cyberrisk prevention strategy, while 65% predict a greater investment in these kinds of tools in the next two years.

Moreover, throughout five conferences and seven workshops, independent analysts, European politicians, members of SOCs and cyberthreat analysts will offer their vision of threat and attack trends, national cybersecurity strategies, and protection needs, both at a normative and corporate level. Attendees will be able to discover cutting edge procedures that are being implemented across Europe, and how they can apply them in their companies and environments.

The workshops at #PASS2019 will allow professionals to experience first-hand how these techniques and strategies work in real environments, as well as further examining with specialists the subjects covered in the conferences:

Threat Hunting and Investigation Service: The response to hackers and insiders.
Panda Adaptive Defense: Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detection & Response solutions with 100% Attestation, and Threat Hunting & Investigation services.
Aether Platform: Aether is the scalable and extensible centralized management platform for all Panda solutions and modules. Attendees of #PASS2019 will discover the most effective, rapid, and secure way to control and manage all of the endpoints on their network thanks to the solutions and services integrated in Aether.
Panda Advanced Reporting Tool: turn data into IT Security and Management conclusions.
Panda Partner Center: efficient management of the client’s sales, lifecycle, and security.

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