MessageBird legt eigen sancties op aan klanten in Rusland

25-02-2022 | door: Redactie
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MessageBird legt eigen sancties op aan klanten in Rusland

MessageBird zal zijn eigen sancties opleggen aan Russische klanten door hun API-toegang tot zijn platform af te sluiten, sms- en spraakverkeer naar Russische providers te blokkeren door zijn wereldwijde klantenbestand en al het humanitaire / NGO-communicatieverkeer om te leiden via internationale roamingovereenkomsten per 26/02/2022 9u CET. Dit meldt Robert Vis, Oprichter & CEO, op LinkedIn.

Hieronder zijn Engelstalig bericht dat geplaatst is op LinkedIn:

Day two on what can we do? #standwithUkraine

MessageBird will impose its own sanctions on Russian customers by shutting down their API access to our platform, block SMS & Voice traffic to russian carriers by our global customer base and re-route all humanitarian / NGO communications traffic through international roaming agreements as per 26/02/2022 9am CET.

Let me tell you why?

As technology companies we are uniquely positioned to use our powers to -peacefully- object to the actions taken by the Russian government against the Ukrainian sovereignty by way of penalizing the Russian economy.

We understand that this is unfair to the people and businesses of Russia who have absolutely nothing to do with this, however they are not being violated in their human rights as the Ukrainian population is incurring military violence. Subject to using violence we see this as the only way.

Furthermore we will continue to support our employees in Ukraine (and Russia for that matter) and will incorporate our own NGO with immediate effect to allow for a vehicle to support humanitarian resources.

I want to continue to call on all (tech) founders to understand that silence is never the answer and to speak up. Sovereignty must be respected.

On a personal note my heart equally goes out to the brave Russian citizens who are standing up to their government despite the risk of imprisonment and as per the last words of the brave Ukrainian soldiers fighting: Go f*** yourself!

Source: An audio tape of an exchange between the Ukrainian soldiers on an island in the Black Sea and an officer of the Russian Navy has emerged. All of the soldiers - who were defending Snake Island - are reported to have been killed, according to President Volodymyr Zelensky. This audio has been confirmed and verified as authentic by the Ukrainian Interior Ministry.

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